Visiting Relativity

Portland, the town Seattle wanted to be

I know that many people dont get enough sleep, but man, do I need some asap. I am running on the fourth night in a row that I havent gotten to bed before 11:30, then gotten up again at 6 and ran around like a damn fool looking for clothing. I just cannot wait until things calm down in my household.

The worst part is I like having my east coast peeps around. I also like that my wife has some extracurricular stuff going on.

Heck, I even like the thought of my daughter getting potty trained, and my parents selling their house in Spokane and moving to the emerald city permenently.

Its just when all of it together, plus a pile of birthdays all come together in the same month, and I dont get any sleep.

THEN, then people, this robot cant think straight. I also have a devil of a time getting away to draw. I keep thinking I can just do some art when all quiets down, but quiets down just isnt seeming to happen here.  I find myself making sophies choices over whether to relax with a friend or hole up in a room while my kid pounds on the door.
----ok rant over, enjoy todays installment. Don't worry, I will find some downtime to draw, and I got scripts for the rest of this week.

"Is Wayne Brady gonna have to cut a bitch?"