Meh Fridays

Sometimes it just seems like even though stuff is happening all around and you are running all over, that the day is kinda dragging.  Ninjas, killer slices of cake, zombies with chainsaws tied to them, sharks with lasers, batmen, all these can still be tossed in favor of a depressing grey afternoon of the soul.

On the lighter side, I am getting a better feel for the characters in my comic. drawing them has become far easier in the past couple of weeks. The artwork might not be a lot more, but it is enough for me to enjoy looking at it. I have also held out for a "less is more" aesthetic regarding the backgrounds. I need to get the actual text figured out, but I will work on that over this weekend. I am still wondering if using text worked better in PS than in elements or Painter essentials (which by the way I am getting very sick of)