Age in Males of the Species

Welcome to tuesday happy readers. ( and sad ones also)

This particular comic was suggested to me by a dear friend. Thank you Andrew for the idea. Once I heard it, I had to draw it of course. I find it harder and harder to avoid doing cartoons of childcare lately. This is likely due to the ongoing potty training, and an inability to get more than a foot away from my child in the past week.

I love the idea of the whole aspect of growing older being the sort of thing a researcher could sum up in pants length. Age=pants length/intelligence or somesuch.

This sort of thing has probably been riffed on before, but fuck it. Its my webcomic, with my characters. In the immortal words of Cartman, "I will do what I want!"

ps-To my darling child,

I love you dearly, but man kid, stop taking my kindle
(yes i know it IS awesome)
then demanding I let you kick me in the groin for an hour while you play games on it.

This makes it hard to draw, write or think about much besides the last time you used the potty.


Your father