Movies and Opinions

"So you say I get to kill a bunch of people?"

I find myself longing for a movie that I can get behind without having to join one collective or another. I want to see Man of Steel , but I hear that the guy is played very realistically, which is not what I want supes to be.

Also a lot of people get killed, which is not a thing that the big blue would be about. All the other movies look suprisingly bad.

Peter Jacksons take on Tolkiens "*the hobbit*"? Well, I saw the first movie, but I did not like that much. Extra characters, and serious stretching of the content from the books just left a bad taste in my mouth.
Some giant white orc running around as a foil to the dwarf, when the story was trying to show that the true enemy of all was greed itself.

Did anybody read this book?
"There's a book?"

Cripes. It's the whole reason for the battle at the end. Everybody wants gold. By the way if that is a spoiler for you, too bad. The book has been available my entire life. You should have read this by now.

The Hobbit should have been 2 movies, and stuck with the information in the book, alone.

Ah well there is always *Avengers2*.