Anarchy in the U.K.

You ever have a conversation with someone who is a little more verbally relaxed than you, and then you try to over reach?

Right, me either.

Or neither.

Or whatever.

Anyway, this kinda thing actually happens to me, even though I have had experience teaching, and doing public speaking for actual money. That's right, I was paid to talk to groups of people that might have been listening.

Now, that said, I was usually saying something that I hadn't written. Something that I might not even cared about. Many teachers and public speakers do that.

The pay might have been really bad too, leading me to not caring much about how I sounded to them.

What I am saying, if I am saying anything at all, is that do not try to match semantic level, if you don't have experience using the terminology.

To this day, I cannot use the term "Cheers, Mate" around British or Australians.

This is my albatross  my cross. My really irritating thing that you hang onto because your mom wanted you to have it, and if you don't keep it, she might come by and ask how its doing, even though its ugly, and the wife hates it.

Now go out there, and have a terrific day!