Last chance to talk about 2012

As this year crawls to a close, I look back with zero longing for it to last any longer than necessary.

It seems like it was entirely too full of cell phones, wars, robotic bombers, politics gone completely haywire, Aztec doomsayers, and pads. God, the pads.

One great thing to come out of this year was that my marriage became a lot stronger, and my daughter got a lot smarter (read devious). I was able to carve out a little more time to focus on artwork, and a little more time to just relax, and to not focus on what others think of me.

I also, was able to clean up and rearrange my house a little bit. My kid now has a daybed, rather than a crib. she is almost completely potty trained. We are going to look for a daycare solution in the coming months. heck, my parents have finally moved here from the hometown at long last.

My wife has a great new job with a different company than I. this has made things much less fractious (arguing).
heck, the Seahawks are even doing great. (so far...)

Basically, I am saying that this whole thing has been a bit much for this artist. I am truly looking forward to a new and brighter year in 2013. Maybe a mars mission (NASA? are you still there?) Definitely more comics. Lots more comics. So relax, and enjoy the ride. Its gonna get weird.