Jogging Slow and Easy

I just can't wait to see how well I do at jogging in a week or two. I should call it walking quickly though.

I don't think I will be doing a lot of jogging for a long time, if ever. I am a bit out of shape. Times are tough though, and I made a promise to myself to get rid of that 20-30 lbs of ham and beer around my middle.

I have been using fitocracy to track but I just don't know about it. It just seems kinda clunky.

Oh, I recently got the chance to use a brand new tracker thing, that along with a website will let me work in a more focused manner. I have wanted to try out a tracking device for some time, so yay!

The site lets you work to a goal, You know like a delicious carbohydrate filling beer, or heck even some dang texas toast!

The folks from contacted me to test it out, so if I seem a bit preoccupied the next few weeks, blame it on technology!

Check them out, the site looks pretty informative, and that's what it takes today to help git fit. Information!
Ok, that's enough marketing. Back to work everyone!!