Getting fit

I have been told by my doctor to fitten up. 

So I have bitten the bullet and gone the way of the dieting and the no smoking and the less drinking and the sleeping more, and the exercising..blah, blah blah.

Ok, for Thursdays menu, I had low sodium chicken noodle soup with veg. (carrots really but whatevs)
I also had most of a pita with deli chicken, and am currently trying to force down a cup of peaches.

(I know I know everyone loves peaches. Well I hate fruit and vegetables so how fucked up is that shizzle?).
In addition to that I drank two cups of coffee. That night, I had a salad, two glasses of Merlot  and then right before bed two cheese sticks and a handful of pretzels. (Sodium, you sneaky bastard.)
Total calorie count: ±1330 cal.

Friday Lunch, you ask? why feast your eyes!!

Soup and salad!!
In other expectations, I plan on taking a couple hours and arting up tonight. So that you may have a nice little comic to read, should you be stuck indoors this weekend.