Pitiful Excuses

On Todays Blog:

Things I can't control

*Water connections to toilets

*Updates to my site

*self deleting artwork.

So today I am two days into my 44th year of life on this wonderful rock. I am pretty much a non smoker, having reduced my intake to only at my brothers house (or once a week-ish).

Yesterday, the water line to my toilet decided to explode at the knob.

Mental note: if building a house, use metal, not plastic knob, as it may last a bit longer. Also, its fixable, unlike plastic, which is really just shit.

Spent entire day and evening cleaning the bathroom and then doing an immense amount of laundry. Also looking up info on Renters insurance. So far not impressed by my companies version (esurance, I'm looking at you.)

Also blew away a work day, AND a free lunch! DANGIT!!!

After the lack of comic updates, I am now considering moving to a mon-wed-fri format, with occasional tues-thursday stuff thrown in. In looking at my comic, I ma noting that the humor is decidedly office based, and my lead character is named "Bobert" (Dilbert said my subconcious stupidly.) Sadly the original name for him was Robert, but I did not want to trouble a real life Robert I knew. Next thing you know I go for Bobert, and six months later realize it sounds like all the characters from Dilbert.


So anyhoo, the plan is to update on mon wed fridays starting back up next week. Until then enjoy the random filler, like this text you are now enjoying.