Repair Work Fundamentals

    Did you ever have 'one of those days'. I got off work yesterday, and drove to the parents house to grab my kid. (yes, my parents take care of my three year old, I am very lucky!)

    I get there, and as I step out I notice that the back tire is flat.

    No problem, I open the back of the truck, and note that it is full to the limit with crap.

    No problem, I simply move said crap to the back seat next to the child seat, making sure that deadly objects are out of reach, and curse only a little bit at the fact that I have put off cleaning out said truck for about a year and a half.

    OK, fast forward to the changing of the tire. I give up on staying clean and sentence my slacks to a muddy death. Once on the ground I am able to get the jack into place, and up goes the back end of the truck.

Up Up Up. 

    Finally i got the truck up to the limit of the jack and the tire comes off. Easy peezy, lemon squeezy, and all that British slang.
    Now comes the fun part, aligning the ridiculously smaller spare tire.

    Bang! I note that the damn truck isn't high enough to allow me to get the tire on. Seriously, what the fuck?

OK, look around truck, and note slight angle. That must be it. 

OK, I just need to move the truck around to the side street a bit, to get on a flat surface.

    Once I do that, I go through the whole procedure again.

The truck still wont jack up enough for the fucking tire.

    Fast forward a bit more. My sick dad is out with me and with a second jack. This one goes directly under the axle (whatever, I don't know, but its lower, so scientifically, it should push up higher.)

    Two jacks and two guys that grew up working on cars later and we are able to change the damn tire.

Yay now I can go 45 mph, on the freeway home.

Fast forward to the next day, and I say enough is enough. I throw the kids car seat into my car, load it up with antifreeze, and roll on down the road.

In hindsight, I need to purchase regular sized tires for both of my cars. the hell with these little doughnuts.