Saturday Egg Sandwiches

Good morning.  This is my saturday.
After an early start with the kidlet, I am rearing to go!
I am already working on comic number one for next week. I have hidden myself away from my family and have incredible plans for getting at least five (FIVE) comics done by monday. One is scripted and sketched now.

This is the current layout of my desk right now. I have all my brushes and pens and pencils, along with a horrible collection of books, and of course some ten year old computer speakers. Dont laugh they have incredible bass.
This is a delicious Egg sandwich that my wife lovingly made for me. I truly live like royalty.
This is where the magic happens (insert cheap joke here)
Dell 14" monitor, paired with a mac mini (woo woo)

And thats all the bullshitting I can do to avoid working on my true love, art. Now to get down to it and draw like I have never drawn before!