So this is tuesday. I am sad to mention that the comic will not be up today but rather tonight sometime. I have the idea in my head, but not the time to do it. I am locked in on Daddy patrol tonight until the wife gets home.

After that though, it is my turn to shine. I plan on building up a weeks worth of funny, so that these minor hiccups will not be noticed, and also so that I can set up a specific time to draw, to script, and to post.

Christmas is coming up rather quickly also. I had intended on having sort of tshirt or something, but that will wait until next year. I can't decide on a tshirt provider for my designs. I may put up some designs on mistakes were made, so you can look them over. Strangley I am not putting out tshirts so much for my readers than for myself to own. I always liked other folks tshirts, but I want something with my own look to it.