In which a discussion of Men without Hats occurs

My wife and I had a discussion where Men without Hats was on the radio. (specifically "Safety Dance") At a certain point, I shouted, "release the dwarves!"

Now this may have been offensive. I really dont know what they are calling themselves these days. Dwarves, little people midgets, indigenously short. Even though that may be the case, I still know there are dwarves (whatever) in the video. Granted that my wife grew up in a world that rapidly was going tthe way of the "Real World" rather than music video 24-7, but everyone should know that in that video there are fucking dwarves.

This is important. The guy singing has too many scarves, dances with a crazy lady, and is accompanied by a dwarf.
Without any of these key features, the video becomes simply a guy walking through the countryside. And seriously who wants that?

So to honor these brave individuals, these Men Without Hats, I am posting pics gleaned from the video to prove the following facts.

Fact one: Fucking Dwarf

This is not a short guy. He is a dwarf.

 I also think he may have been in Time Bandits (Which should be required watching for all children ages 12 and up, but thats another rant.)

Fact two: Two many scarves

Any time you see multiple scarves, you will realize that this guy is there to do all the ladies. I assume he will leave a scarf behind, as a reminder that they did it with a guy who has way too long of hair.

Fact three: Tractor tires in medieval times.

Nothing says eighties music video like temporal anomalies in your time travel. they are singing with synthesizers  dancing in a field, and at a maypole party in a village, all dressed up as villagers cica 1480, but someone forgot to hide the tractor. Whoops who cares, have some more cocaine (says the director)