Going to grandmas

This was the first morning that we got to take my two year old
over to Grandma and grampas new apartment. The wife and I were all concerned about it, but shockingly, everything went really well. Kid woke up, watched some TV, while wife dressed/showered etc, and I got her all clothed up and readied her daybag for the grandma house.

The mom/dad are living in a pretty posh place, rather than the place we are still at
 until the lease is up. Looking forward to that.

Pros of getting up a bit earlier? Well coffee making becomes the MOST IMPORTANT THING EVER. Also you have time to do stuf, that you normally do not. Like clothe yourself properly, comb your hair, drink a cup of coffee. watch a little tv news.

Plus I really like the whole morning with the kid thing. Getting her all dressed up amkes me feel really adult for some reason, like this is how its supposed to be. Guess I have been as spoiled as the little girl has been so far.
Well, kiddo. Its time to start getting used to getting up earlier than you want to. You should be over this in about 62 years, when you retire.