Firewalls and the End of the World

I know that this is very very unlikely. Firewalls are like babies to a sys admin or IT professional. It is the sort of thing that you would have to hold the guy back from the building as it burned. Or shoot the zombies, stave off the mutants etc. I realized a little late that I kinda skimped on the backgrounds for this one. I need to work on backgrounds in general, and how to merge them with text and the focus characters saying the lines.

Sadly this has little to do with you. You just want me to, as the immortal Homer Simpson said,

"be more funny."

I will do my best to do that. Also, I am following the mantra of my idol Jeph from Questionable content, (which by the way you really need to read) and practicing like a maniac. The tablet is indeed a bit different than good old paper and pencil/pen.