Breaks Legos, and Cable boxes

Well I took a break, and noted that holy crap, my artwork kind of got worse somehow. Not sure what’s up there, but I plan on doing some practice on my new Bamboo Pad that I got for Christmas. Best parents ever! The thing is huge compared to the little guy, and definitely requiring of a larger desk. Not sure how that will work out.

 I need to go through and clean out the study again.

It became a staging area for presents this year. Shockingly, we were able to buy gifts for relatives for the first time in a long ways.


Cable went out over the vacation.
Luckily I had backup, and we were out with relations or opening presents etc. too much to really care about this. About the only annoyance regarding this issue is to get home before four to meet up with the cable guy. Luckily I have a great boss, and there are not a lot of people here today to worry about.