The muse was driving officer, not me

I think that I have become one of those people that need to keep a notepad around all the time. I was sitting in my car this morning and suddenly had an idea come to me about a new comic.

       While trying to turn down the radio and avoid swerving into traffic, I tried to look for a scrap of paper to write down the idea. This rapidly became a bad idea. (dont try this kids)
At any rate, I was able to retain the idea, and once I passed two people bruskly (don't care if thats not a word) I was able to get to my desk and write it down.

I also wish to request something from the readers of this blog. I would really love any kind of feedback in the comments section. Seriously, bad or good. I only request that the feedback not include profanity involving my lineage etc.

Thats all from the world of A Robtic Love for now. Soon enough you will get to read a wonderful comic, full of hope and desire, and hilarity.