A little bit of this and that

After whining online about no coffee in our office today, I was suprised by a co-worker handing out VIA packets. This is not a commercial for starbucks in any way. I am just going to say that, DAMN did I ever need that. I haven't slept well all week long, and it has showed this morning. No I have a delicious cup of joe in my hands, and I am very pleased. I also tried some of those x-massy flavored ( I am linking this, because everyone should try it) creamers from the store. I have Egg Nog creamer. It is also very nice. No way will I finish it before dec though. Very sweet.

I also noticed that my habit of post-it noting everything that I come across has nearly controled my workspace in the office. This needs to stop, and soon! Today begins a new day for Raleigh! Today will be the day I clean up my desk!

In the upper left you may notice my presription bottle. Fear not! Its only for my stomach. Years of eating insidiously spicy foods has taken its toll. (I know TMI)