Robotic Love 13: I remember being 38

I remember being 38 and single.


I had been married for roughly nine years, and found myself living in downtown seattle, in an apartment with a room mate, with a new job. Oh and amazing issues with my ability to make another person truly happy in a realationship. I still have troubles there, but on the whole I think things are working out well.

While I was single, I remember having a conversation with a much younger friend regarding internet dating. He mentioned that I should try it. I was understandably reluctant. (it was 2004, and the idea of craigslisting for a date seemed a bit gross.)

Then he mentioned that he used every  dating site online. ALL OF THEM. And not to find true love, but just to hook up. If it didnt work out, who cares. He always had a date going.

And that is how I ended up meeting my wife of three years. Go figure. She had a buddy who was doing the same thing. Ha!