Project Warm Morning


Initial investment cost:

3 24X36=$90.00 (actually 29.4 ea.) $88.2
1 36X48=$59.92
6 11 x 14 (9.29$ ea.) $55.74

15 tubes of paint x $10.00= 150.00$ est.
$353.86 total

Now then if I want to sell them at a competitive price, I must obviously not price myself out of a job (as fleeting and part time as RM Graphics, Inc. may be)
So running the numbers

3 24X36 @ a rate of 30.00$ an hour at around 10-20 hours each equals minimum $900.00 for all three ($300 each)+equipment cost added in=$990.00

1 36X48 @ a rate of 40.00$ an hour @10-20 hours each =min $460 with cost of equipment added in.

And so on...

The devil in the details is that in todays economy, who the hell is paying 300$ for art?